Who We Are

Meet the team


Bev originally from England, moved to Colorado in 1999 and then to Georgia in 2011. Her family has owned German Shepherds for almost 50 years, with her parents still owning a shepherd in their late 70’s. Several family members have the privilege of owning this magnificent breed too. Ever since she can remember Bev was always had an absolute passion for breeding and training. She loves seeing dogs thrive in the family setting as well as good environmental exposure to ensure a full and happy lifestyle. Breeding has been a joy to her especially witnessing the bonds that have come from raising well balanced German Shepherds and seeing all the different roles they have played. From good family dogs with kids, therapy and service dogs. She has a great passion for always seeking out new technics in breeding and training. To become a better breeder and trainer for her clients. Bev also enjoys home repairs with her husband Dan, gardening, reading, back country camping, the beach, mountain hiking and their beautiful 1yr old Granddaughter.


Nicole has been working with German Shepherds for ten years and over the last two years started to work with a variety of breeds. She is currently working towards her AKC Evaluator Certification. Nicole has been a junior trainer for family, service and therapy dogs. She has always had passion in watching owners really bond and grow in a healthy relationship with their dog through training. Nicole got married September 2022 and lives with her husband and their two German Shepherds Kaia and Aslan. Outside of her career, she enjoys going to the beach, traveling, hiking and camping with her dogs.


Daniel is a passionate animal lover who has made it his mission to help others with their dogs. He is particularly fond of German Shepherds, and he brings his wealth of love and experience to Beres Haus German Shepherds and Beres Haus Dog Training. At Beres Haus, Daniel works closely with Beverley and Nicole to support the breeding and training of dogs. Daniel has a soft spot for cats and enjoys spending time with his feline friends. With his deep love for animals and his dedication to helping others, Daniel is an integral part of the Beres Haus team.