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Basic Information



AKC Registered:

Kaia Taz Von Beres

This girl is such a sweetie! Kaia is so loving and full of fun. She has a wonderful drive which shows in her enthusiasm to be trained. She is so smart and always trying to figure things out.

Kaia has a short coat and comes from West German show and working line World and National Champions.

Kaia's Father Fynn Von den Oher Tannen October 2014 US Sieger SG1 Champion, Grandfather V BarĂ¹ di Croce Santo Spirito Schh2 IPO2, Great Grandfather 2x VA1 Vegas Du Haut Mansard SCHH3, Great Grandmother V7 Zeta Del Murnighello IPO2, Grandmother VA6 Olivia von Tronje SCHH2, Great Grandfather V SG1 Quentin Karanberg SCHH3, Great Grandmother VA KronisBoogie Woogie SCHH1.

Her mother is Tye's Princess Zasha, Grandfather Maximillian Von Haus Im Holz, Great Grandfather Titus Von Davis, Grandmother Quanda In Regnum Marianum, Great Grandfather VA2 Quantum Von Arminius SCHH3, Great Grandmother SG1 Anet Von Alte Brucke VK1

We are so excited to have this beautiful girl in our breeding program.