GSD For Veteran Heroes

At Beres Haus German Shepherds we are grateful to our Veterans who have served. They have dedicated their lives to help others across the world. Some have returned suffering from injuries both externally and internally. There are also those that are suffering in silence from the stresses they have endured. One of these is a condition called PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This crippling condition has seen many Veterans retreat from society, suffer in silence, and in some cases commit suicide. In 2016, 20 suicides a day from Veterans suffering from PTSD were reported. We have been personally touched by this condition, and would like to make a difference.

We are donating one puppy from every litter to a Veteran suffering from PTSD. We are doing this in the name of Aaron Alexander Gorklo. A good friend of ours lost Aaron all too quickly, and do not want others to suffer in silence.

Below is a note from his Mom, Wendy, about Aaron...

Aaron Alexander Gorklo was born November 29, 1996 in Denver, Colorado. As a little boy he loved Buzz Lightyear, Bionicles, and his “best game ever” was the Army. As a teenager he struggled with school, not really liking the social structure of a school environment. He was “different” in the way he communicated. Aaron didn't have filters - he told people what he thought whether it was socially acceptable or not. This didn't make Aaron a lot of friends, he had a hard time making and keeping friends and was bullied because of the way he looked at things.

Even though Aaron didn't like school, he loved to learn. He loved reading and writing and drawing. He loved history, especially military history. As a young boy, he would play Army and be a soldier for Halloween. As a teenager, he went through a few different phases of what he wanted to do but finally settled on becoming a real solider instead of just pretending. Aaron had me sign the paper for him to start participating in the recruiting program while still attending high school in Colorado.

Because of life changes we moved to Alabama for Aaron’s senior year in high school – he didn’t complain – he looked at it as a new adventure and was soon excited to learn that he would be able to participate in the JROTC program. He only got one year of it but he worked hard and graduated high school May 2015. He was signed up and ready to join the Army National Guard after graduation.

He left for basic training November 2015 and was so happy to be a part of the military and the brotherhood that is found between the soldiers. Aaron graduated basic training in March 2016 and was stationed with his unit in Cullman, Alabama.

While Aaron was happy to be a soldier he also had struggles – he had many disappointments in his life and the sadness in him finally won. Aaron died by suicide July 10, 2016.

Aaron was smart and funny and kind. He was talented and giving and loving. He loved his country even with her flaws and he was proud to be a soldier. Some of his best times were spent at the U.S. Veteran’s Memorial in Huntsville, Alabama working with veterans and listening to their stories. He loved his family and would do anything for them. He wanted everyone to be happy but didn’t know how to be happy himself.

The hole that has been left by his loss will never be filled. We miss him every day. Aaron’s brother Jack and I are humbled to have Aaron honored by the K9 for Veteran Warriors.

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